There’s A First Time For Everything

Welcome to my first blog post for Memories and Mishaps!

My name is Melissa and I’m 24 years old, although most people seem to think I am a lot older which is NOT good (note to self – get quotes for Botox). I live in a somewhat ordinary house in the beautiful Cornwall with my fiancรฉ, Aaron, and our two cats, Monty and Peggy.



Me and Aaron a year or so ago – will go into detail more about why he’s on crutches another time…

I’ve decided to start blogging after feeling inspired by some lovely ladies I follow on Instagram who I am definitely not jealous of. Definitely not. At all.

Okay I may have lied there.

I plan to blog about a bit of everything going on in my life – my home, our upcoming wedding (less than six months to go, eeek!), living with Type 1 diabetes, life in Cornwall, my ups and downs, and anything else that my teeny brain can think of. I’ll also tell you about my favourite Instagram accounts to follow because, let’s face it, we all love discovering new accounts with pretty pictures to swoon over! Or at least I do, anyway.

I am completely new to the blogging world but I hope after a while I will get the hang of it and (hopefully) at least one person will read this besides me! And I promise to try not to write about my cats too much ;)



Peggy the kitten


Monty (yes he is a *tad* on the chubby side)

So that’s the end of my first blog – just an introduction and a quick hello :) I will try and post another one soon depending on whether I can stop myself from being a lazy cow or cleaning (I seem to be doing either one or the other at the moment for some reason).

Bye for now,

Melissa x


7 thoughts on “There’s A First Time For Everything

  1. Certainly enjoyed reading what you wrote,you seem like a well educated young woman, caring and interesting, can’t wait for your next blog!


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