Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polkadot Bikini

As previously mentioned (and will probably be mentioned on a few more occasions, sorry not sorry) I’m getting married in June. A few days after the special day, we are flying out to Portugal for our honeymoon which I am sooo looking forward to. Me and the other half haven’t ever been abroad together in the (almost) four years of knowing each other – unless Wales counts?! Joke! I’m not completely dumb, I promise.

So as with most holidays to hot destinations, you start dreaming of those warm days venturing out in the sunshine to explore. Perfection. Ooh and I get to wear a pretty summery bikini!

Ah. Perfection ruined.

I’ve recently been fortunate enough to lose a little bit of weight putting me at a healthy size 10. Fab for me, right? Well yes. I was a size 12 before anyway so it’s not like I’ve lost loads but it’s still feels good to drop a dress size. However, I still don’t like my body.

There is so much pressure these days to look ‘picture perfect’ – wear what’s fashionable, contour your face, have perfect eyebrows, have beautifully shiny hair, yada yada yada. But I couldn’t really give a crap about those things. The thing that bothers me is my tummy and the fact that it’s not flat – you can blame the media for that. Don’t get me wrong, those women you see in ads with amazing figures are gorgeous, but there is a lot of air-brushing and editing that goes on which is actually quite sad as I’m sure they looked good just the way they were. I would love to see more real women in ads – rolls n all! Now I know if I really wanted a flat stomach then I’d have to work at toning it and eat a healthier diet, but let’s be honest here, that ain’t happening any time soon.

I suppose my way of coping with this will be – yes, you guessed it – covering it up. I’ve only ever worn a bikini once in my life and I felt really awkward and uncomfortable in it. It sorta feels like “look at me, I’m wearing my underwear on the beach!” and believe me, no-one wants to see me in my grundies.

I went shopping last weekend with my mum, sister and two nieces and did actually buy myself a swimming costume and a kimono* sort of thing to wear over it. Go me! But, in true Melissa style, I haven’t tried either on yet so god knows what it’ll actually look like. Will keep you posted. Now I know this shouldn’t be my way of dealing with my body confidence issues, but I just can’t bring myself to baring all on the sunny beaches of the Algarve.

Do you agree that there should be more ‘real women’ in adverts? Do you think this would help us all feel happier and more confident with ourselves? What’s your opinion?

Ta for now,

Melissa x


*Seriously had to Google that word to make sure I wasn’t making it up!


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