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Review: Clarissa & Co

A little while ago, I ordered some items from Clarissa & Co and I just wanted to share with you all my thoughts on this lovely little company.

I ordered three items – a wooden tray, a burner and a ‘Bee Happy’ plaque.

The Wooden Tray – £12.99

This wooden heart tea tray went straight into my basket as soon as I spotted it on the Clarissa & Co website. A beautiful rustic tray with lovely heart details. Perfect for carrying tea and biscuits (although I don’t actually drink tea, shocker!) or for displaying pretty ornaments/vases as I have done.

The Burner – £8.99

I’m absolutely in LOVE with this oil / wax melt burner and use it so often! I’m a sucker for anything with little birdies on so this item was a must-have. It creates such a relaxing atmosphere when the light from the candle shines through the birdie gaps.

The ‘Bee Happy’ Plaque – £2.49

I actually bought two of these – one for myself and one for a happy box swap which I was involved in as I thought it’d be the perfect accompaniment. Such a cute little plaque which is sure to put a smile on your face :)

Postage within the UK is free and my delivery arrived promptly. Cassie, who owns this company, is a pleasure to deal with and such a lovely person, so if you haven’t checked out her website make sure you do!

Website >

Instagram > @clarissaandco

Facebook > Search for Clarissa & Co

Happy shopping!

Love, Melissa x

Items were bought by myself and of course all views are my own.


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