Shopping Haul

April’s Shopping Haul

A week or so ago, I hopped on a train to Plymouth with my mum to do a spot of shopping. The main aim of the day was to buy some clothes for my honeymoon and to also find a particular type of bra to go under my wedding dress (which proved more difficult than we initially thought!). I thought I’d share with you all what I bought that day in my first shopping haul post!

With any shopping trip, a visit to Primark is a must. I bought a lovely flowy skirt which I thought’d be perfect when strolling around in Portugal.

Skirt – Primark – £10

I also bought some pretty undies as they’re always such a bargain.


Bra – Primark – £2.50


Balcony Bra & Brazilian Knickers – Primark – £5

One of my ‘go to’ shops is New Look and I managed to pick up some gorgeous dresses, a pink blazer and a top as below.

Dresses – both by Mela <3 London (New Look) – £25 each


Blazer – New Look – £14.50 (sale)


Summer Top – New Look – £12.99


Love this funky pattern! Beach Towel – BHS – £12.50 (sale)

I’m probably the only woman who hasn’t tried out all of Lush’s bath bombs – in fact I’d never tried any before so thought I’d treat myself to a couple to try out. I bought Tisty Tosty and Ickle Baby Bot. I used TT the other night – the smell was really nice and I loved the little rose buds floating about in the bathtub, however I did feel a little disappointed.

Tisty Tosty – £3.50, Ickle Baby Bot – £1.95 – Lush

New favourite shop alert! Two words – Boux Avenue. This store has some truly stunning pieces of lingerie, pricey yes, but stunning. This is where I managed to find a backless and strapless bra to wear under my wedding gown. We looked in so many shops but this is the only place we could find one which came in at £24. My lovely mum also bought me a ‘sixpence for your shoe’ and treated me to the most beautiful satin dressing gown/kimono which is embellished with ‘Mrs’ on the back in diamantes. I am so looking forward to wearing this! Not only is it really pretty but it will help keep me cool in the warm temperatures on our honeymoon. A warning though, it was quite pricey at £45 but it is something that will be treasured.

Sixpence For Your Shoe – Boux Avenue – £6

I’d show you a picture of the kimono but the lady in the shop (who was so helpful) wrapped it in a box with tissue paper and petals so I have promised myself not to open it until our wedding night!


I also picked up some lovely ivory tights from Debenhams for my niece to wear with her bridesmaid dress. Just need to find something pretty for her to wear in her hair, sort the table centrepieces, favours, guest book, gifts….and then I think we’ll be sorted!!!

Love, Melissa x


2 thoughts on “April’s Shopping Haul

  1. Ooohh I love Boux Avenue! They are pricey but they do such lovely lingerie! <3
    I'm probably being silly but I'd never heard of a sixpence for your shoe before – I had to google it to see what it was :P
    Jamie xxx


    1. Yeah all of their lingerie is so pretty!
      Aww I’d heard of it before but wasn’t too fussed about it, but mum really wanted me to have one!
      Love Melissa x


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