Blog Update

Blog Update – 15th May 2016

Hi everyone! I thought I’d just do a little blog ‘update’ as I haven’t posted anything for a few weeks. It’s been a bit of a busy one the past few weeks what with sorting wedding bits, being ill and my car failing on me (being stranded in a car park at the woods was not what I had planned for a Saturday night but hey, who am I to complain…).

Our wedding is now only 6 weeks away – 6 weeks!!! Where has that time gone?! It seemed like we had so much time to organise everything but the big day is creeping up on us so fast. I’m extremely excited but also a tad nervous! I just hope everything turns out okay and goes to plan, but as long as I get to marry my Mr C and have a good time and eats lots of scrummy food and cake then I’ll be pretty darn happy.

I had my hair trimmed today and the realisation that the next time I’ll be in the hairdressers is on our wedding day was a scary one. I’m so excited though as the lady that is styling my hair is my old landlady and a friend’s mum from my old dancing days so it really is lovely as she has known me since I was about 7. The plan is to be at the salon for about 8am on the day so I’ll deffo have to make sure I get an early night the night before – although I may actually be too giddy to sleep.

A few things I’ve got left to sort:

1) Buy table centre pieces – This is a bit of a biggie I suppose, but I’ll sort this soon, promise! I’ve got a general idea but it’s just setting the decision in stone and going for it.

2) Write out (or I should say stamp) place cards and make table plan

3) Buy a guest book for guests to sign

4) Find something pretty to go in my niece’s hair – any suggestions? I’m thinking maybe flowers or even just a simple piece of ribbon to compliment the colour scheme.

5) Decorate our post box – This is one of the first items that was purchased for the wedding by my mum and step-dad. We were thinking of just hiring one but decorating it ourselves will make it more special.

I expect I’ve missed something from the list but these are the main things I think!!

Over the next few weeks I’ll aim to share more blog posts with you so you can see how the wedding planning etc is coming along. And of course I’ll share some pictures with you all once the deed is done.

Speak soon.Sig 3


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