Memories and Mishaps of May

Our lives are full of memories and mishaps – hence the name of my blog. I had one of those light bulb moments a couple weeks ago where I thought hey, wouldn’t it be a good idea to make use of this blog name and start sharing my highs and lows of each month?! I thought it’d be a nice idea to look back on the good times be it big events or days out to my favourite places, but equally thought it’s also useful to look back on any ‘mishaps’ too. Seeing a list of mishaps/bad times compared to a list of my good times might make me appreciate everything a little bit more.

I’ll start off with my mishaps so that I can get any negativity outta the way and can end this post on a positive note!

May’s Mishaps

1. I’ve been ill a couple of times this month. First, some sort of 24 hour bug – think all day puking, one moment hot, one moment cold, can’t eat – it was horrible. Then a few days ago I suddenly got a sore throat and a super annoying tickly cough. Every time I cough my head instantly hurts. My hen do is tomorrow so I really hope I feel better asap!!


2. Mr C and I had a lovely stroll around some local woods, had a bite to eat and fed the ducks. We headed back to the car, I turned on the engine – ah. Maybe not. My car wouldn’t start…great. This meant a call to my breakdown company, waiting around for ages as they struggled to locate us, and then being told the starter motor had died so all that could be done was to be given a bump-start. At least it meant we could get home, but then we had to buy a new starter motor and get that fitted. Not exactly what you need the month before your wedding!

May’s Memories

1. Rachel and Ryan’s wedding! I can’t believe a whole month has passed since my friend’s special day already. It was such an amazing weekend. We stayed at the hotel the night before and had a few drinks down at the bar. It was really nice to just chat and relax before heading up to the AWESOME bedroom – it was more like an apartment! The next day we were all up and awake nice and early, filled with excitement for the upcoming events. Breakfast was served in the room (I’ve never done this before and it felt uber posh!) which was super scrummy. Then it was time to get ready – the hairdresser arrived, shortly followed by the photographer who snapped pictures as we got ready and us bridesmaids giggled in the bathroom whilst doing our make-up! Can’t wait to see the pictures.

Rachel looked absolutely stunning, like a proper magazine bride, truly perfect. As the music started before the walk down the aisle, Rach started to tear up which made me feel really emotional. She is the first of my closest friends to get married so this moment was really special.

The ceremony was beautiful and Ryan looked so happy to be marrying the love of his life – he had the biggest grin on his face when he looked at her. It was so sweet.

The food, the decor and the party was fab and I had such a fantastic day :) I wish them both lots of love and luck for their future.


2. I fiiiinally bought table centre pieces, a guest book and our favours eventually arrived. Nothing like last minute!

A short and sweet list for May but I’m a busy bee and also very tired! I’m sure there will be plenty to talk about on June’s edition, can’t think why though…

Love, Melissa x


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