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I’m married!

Well, I can’t believe it’s been over two weeks since our wedding day! Seriously where does time go?!

I spent the night before the wedding at home with my bestest buddie, Nicky. We did what we do best – scoffed our faces with pizza (nom), drank delicious wine and gossiped for hours. The highlight of the night was a specialย little gift that Nicky gave me.

This may just look like a pretty glass jar to you, but inside was lots of colourful bits of paper folded up… Written on each piece was a memory of our friendship, most absolutely HILARIOUS (well, to us anyway) and I think it’s one of the most thoughtful gifts anybody has ever given me. The time and effort that she has put into this just goes to show what a truly amazing friend she is.

The next day we were up nice and early ready for a session at the hairdressers. The lady that did our hair is actually myself and my mum’s old landlady, so we know her very well. I also went to dance lessons with her daughter so she has known me since I was about 7 years old!


At 9 o’clock the lovely Laura arrived to apply our make-up. We have known each other since a young age as we went to school together, and also once went on a magical trip to Disneyland Paris with our mums. Every little girl’s dream! It was lovely to see her and have a good old catch up.


Here is a link to Laura’s website.

Everything ran so smoothly (apart from me forgetting to take my head piece to the salon, luckily mother was to the rescue!) and we were back home in time for a quick nibble of sarnies, Pringles and bubbly before getting into our dresses.

I was so pleased with the cars when they arrived. We had a vintage model Ford A from 1928 for myself and my step-dad to travel in and a Rolls Royce for my mum and 3 bridesmaids.



On the third attempt at starting the engine of the Ford, we were on our way! I loved travelling in this beautiful car and waving to passers-by like I was the queen.

When we arrived at the venue, Merchants Manor, I felt really calm and excited…until the music started just as we were about to walk down the aisle and then there were tears. *please don’t ruin my make-up* They were happy tears, but I think it all just suddenly hit me and I was overcome with emotion.

I reached Aaron at the end of the aisle, and you know the first thing that he said to me? “That’s a gurt big dress, ain’t it?!” Not “Oh you look beautiful!”ย Cheers love!

The ceremony ran really smoothly and we had two readings, one read by Aaron’s dad and another by one of my aunties. We felt it would be a good idea to include readings as otherwise the ceremony seems very short plus it’s a nice way to include guests.

We headed down to Swanpool beach for photos, including myself and the bridesmaids on a bouncy castle! It had to be done. I seriously can’t wait to see the pictures.

Once we were back at the hotel, we had some more photos, mingled with guests and then tucked into our yummy wedding breakfast. Next up followed a session of silly napkin-hats spurred on by my step-dad (don’t ask), then a bit more mingling before the evening reception kicked off.

Our first dance was ‘Ho Hey’ by The Lumineers. Not your typical soppy romantic song but it’s oneย we both love and use to dance along to in the tractor back when Aaron worked on a farm. We danced all night and stayed up ’til the early hours chatting with friends and family, it was great.

When we get the professional pictures back I’ll be sure to share some with you all. I can’t wait to sit snuggled up with my hubbie, sipping on a glass of vino, flicking through them!

Lots of love,

Mrs C x


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