Losing Me

Lately I feel like I’ve not been 100% with it, not 100% Mel. As you could probably tell by the lack of posts, I’d lost any sort of motivation to blog and instead just sort of meandered on in my own little murky bubble feeling like I’d lost what enthusiasm, if any, I had.


I’m not sure what exactly caused this, but I think it’s partly down to the fact that our wedding has now been and gone and there’s nothing more to plan. It’s kinda sad really as there is such a build-up before a wedding, so much to organise, and then before you know it the big day arrives and flashes by before your eyes.

We’ve been married over 11 weeks now (eeek!) and still have all of our cards of congratulations hung around our lounge. I should probably take them down soon but I don’t want to! It feels like I’ve got to sort of let something go which sounds odd but hopefully you know what I mean.


I’ve  signed-up to be a brand rep for an amazing company called Imperial Candles however quickly lost my will-power so haven’t spoken too much about it or even mentioned it on this blog! More details to come about this little venture soon…

I spend a lot of my time, too much of my time, comparing myself to other bloggers and Instagrammers and putting myself down. I constantly tell myself that I’m rubbish and what I’m doing is not good enough. Heck, you look at some bloggers’ lives and everything looks so damn perfect. They have the perfect hair, clothes, make-up, home, car…. But let’s face it, that’s not reality is it? What normal person really spends every minute of every day looking catwalk ready with a super tidy show home-esque house? None. It’s not practical and it’s not real life. I’m the first person to admit that I absolutely love getting into my jammies and dressing gown when I get home, regardless of the time, and monging out in front of Netflix. I’m sure other girls do this too so why do I put myself down about it?


It’s time I realised that Instagram is not always real life. We show pictures of our best times, not ones of us on our knees scrubbing the floor or make-up free looking like some sort of junkie. ‘Cause who wants to see that, right?!

I am determined to get ‘me’ back and am going to work at pinging out blog posts like a pro and repping my big butt off.

Much love and stuff <3Sig 3


6 thoughts on “Losing Me

  1. I think these are feelings that every blogger goes through at some point but you just have to push past it and carry on if it’s something you’ve always felt passionate about! Something will click soon and you’ll get your motivation back, whether it’s an inspiring idea for a new post, or a few encouraging words 😉 As to comparing yourself to other bloggers, we all do it! It’s just part of life – and not just in the blogging world! And there is honestly nothing wrong with getting into PJs and chilling at home with Netflix – I’m pretty sure that’s what most people do, even if they seem to be super put-together! Personally, I can’t think of anything worse than walking around dressed up 24/7! xx


    1. Yeah I think it is, I read about so many bloggers struggling so I know I’m not alone. I have actually got a post sat in my drafts at the moment, but I just need to tweak bits and add some photos!

      Yep, it’s hard not to compare ourselves these days when you’ve got social media hanging about. I have to agree with you though, I definitely wouldn’t want to be in make-up and fancy clothes all of the time!!

      Thanks for commenting :)

      Melissa x


  2. Aww Melon. This makes me sad. However I get lots of days like that! Seriously I am so unmotivated at the moment also its unreal. I literally get home from work. Put my dressing gown on and do nothing. My hair is full of dry shampoo because I cant even be bothered to wash it! Gross?!!! Like you said no one shows that unmotivated side. As it wouldn’t be looked at twice. Your not alone missy.

    Wuv you lots!

    Im excited to see you pinging out blogposts like a pro. I like reading them xxx


    1. Aww don’t be sad! I don’t know why I’ve been feeling like this, but I think I just need to crack on and keep myself entertained!

      Haha I don’t blame you for not wanting to bother to wash your hair, I can’t be bothered most of the time either so think I need to invest in some dry shampoo too!

      Hopefully I can keep up with pinging out blog posts, it’s hard work but I enjoy it. Loving your blog, it looks great!

      Wuv you <3 x x x


  3. This is a post that I can definitely relate to. Thank you for sharing it with us. You are not alone with the way you are feeling. I am following your blog so that I can read more.


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