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10 Facts About Me

It’s been over 9 months since I started this blogging venture and I haven’t even done an ‘about me’ post. Criminal. I did post a little introduction here but thought I’d tell you all a wee bit more about me in case you’re like uber bored or something…

1) I’ve got 3 brothers, one sister and 11 nieces and nephews. Cue buying birthday cards in bulk and then rushing/forgetting to post them on time.

At my eldest brother’s wedding in 2013

2) My name, Melissa, is Greek for ‘honey bee’.

3) I’ve got Type 1 diabetes which means I have to inject myself with insulin to control my blood sugar levels. The full name is ‘Diabetes Mellitus’ and is derived from the Greek word diabetes meaning siphon (to pass through) and the Latin word mellitus meaning honeyed or sweet. Doesn’t this last bit seem a tad strange when you look at the meaning of my name?!

4) I don’t drink tea OR coffee. Just really dislike the taste of both. As my hubby would say, “She doesn’t drink grown-up drinks!”.

5) When I was 7 years old I started taking lessons at Bev-Lyn Dance School and learnt ballet, tap, modern and character. I performed in pantomimes and other dance shows which I absolutely loved! The buzz and adrenaline from performing was brilliant. I gave up at 15 but I do miss it.

Image courtesy of Google

6) My fave film to watch as a kid was Edward Scissorhands. Not your standard child-friendly movie! Apparently I use to watch it all. the. time. WEIRDO ALERT!!

7)  I think Johnny Depp is goooorgeous. Especially as Captain Jack. Mega yum.

8) I’ve never eaten an omelette. Fact.

9) Spiders and clowns scare the shizz outta me. Spiders because of their long, creepy crawly legs, and clowns because EWW! That big smiling face from Pennywise The Clown in ‘It’ really creeped me out as a youngen and I will never get over it! *shudders*

10) I was born 2 weeks late, which probably says a lot about me as I’m not good at getting up on time! Ooops.

Image courtesy of

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into the life of me! Until next time…Sig 3



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