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How To Enjoy Autumn On A Budget

Ahh, autumn. The time of year when the leaves start to fall and turn into various shades of gorgeous reds, browns, oranges and yellows.

It’s a time of year where we feel more cosy and start to get excited for the festivities lined up over the next couple of months.

It’s also a time where you may be on a shoestring budget due to saving for said festivities or other big purchases. Personally, my husband and I (still feels weird saying that!) have a long list of things we’d like to buy and do, all of which cost a lot of dolla, and I can’t see that we are going to win the big bucks on the lottery anytime soon. (Partly because we don’t actually play the lottery, but whatevs, where’s my money?!)

Just because you are saving or don’t have many pennies in your purse, doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy all that autumn has to offer!

1) Go for a walk

Now I’m not just talking about a bog standard boring walk to your local shop to buy some milk and loo roll… Wrap up warm and try heading to the woods or a park. We often head to Tehidy Woods which is only a ten minute drive from us and is so pretty, especially at this time of year. What’s better than stomping your way through crunchy autumnal leaves?! It feels and sounds sooo good.

I always take some leftover bread to feed to the little ducks and swans, y’know the end bits that no-one seems to want? Don’t bin them – just store some in your freezer ready to be defrosted at any time and then you’re always prepared!

Bonus: Fresh air and exercise


2) Pick some apples and blackberries

Whilst you’re out and about on your nice autumnal walk, you might be lucky enough to come across some bushes/trees which you can pick some apples or blackberries from. And once you’re done picking, head home and make a crumble or pie. Delish.

Bonus: You’ll feel like some sort of hunter-gatherer searching for delights to take home!

3) Cosy nights in

I’m sure at 25 I should probably want to be out partying and socialising but nope, I’m happier snuggled up at home.

Grab a blanket, pick a movie and stuff your face with your favourite snacks. You don’t have to go out and buy a new film – scan through your dvds and pick something you haven’t watched in a while. Or maybe reminisce and crack out some old home movies?!


You can buy a bag of popcorn from a supermarket for a pound or two (toffee popcorn = heart eyes emoji) which I’m sure most people can stretch to even if they’re on a budget. I quite like the smaller sized packs as they’re handy for when you have to watch what you’re eating, like I do!

Bonus: Comfy pyjamas and not having to bother with make-up, hell yes!

4) Get crafting

Pinterest has some fab ideas for autumn crafts like this super cute leaf mason jar which you can create by following these steps.


Just imagine how stunning this would look when you’re sat all snuggled up!

Another idea I love is this awesome shimmery garland which you can create by following this DIY tutorial.


Bonus: Could be used as gifts

5) Collect pine cones

This is one thing I use to absolutely loveee doing as a kid and it couldn’t be more simple. Simply collect as many pine cones as you wish and take home to either decorate (I use to spray them with glitter) or just place into a dish as a centrepiece.

Bonus: It’s free! (Apart from the glitter, obvs!)

6) Throw a Halloween party

I know what you’re thinking, parties are expensive, but they don’t have to be! You can buy cheap spooky Halloween themed decorations from various shops or if you’re feeling adventurous you could make your own, again Pinterest is the place to go for ideas. Ask all of your guests to bring a bite to eat and something to drink. You might feel a tad cheeky asking but it saves you a little money and if they’re nice friends they won’t mind anyway!

Play some typical Halloween-themed music (search for playlists on YouTube), set up a game of apple bobbing and don’t forget your costume! Either wear a costume you’ve had tucked away for years, borrow one from a friend or make your own – I’m sure a Zombie would be pretty easy to do if you use some old clothes and fake blood.

Bonus: You can have a boogie with all of your gal pals.

7) Carve a pumpkin

October 31st wouldn’t be the same without scrolling through social media and seeing hundreds of pictures of cleverly carved pumpkins. These orange beauties are relatively cheap to buy and will keep you busy having to scoop out the seeds and carving a design.

But you’re not done yet – save the seeds and use them in a recipe. There are lots of yummy and quirky ideas on the internet if you have a look.

Bonus: Two uses in one


What ideas do you have for enjoying autumn on a budget? Let me know in the comments or send me a link to your blog, I love reading them!Sig 3

4 thoughts on “How To Enjoy Autumn On A Budget

    1. I know! So pretty! I haven’t actually managed to get round to doing the jars yet but I might give it a go at the weekend if I’ve got nothing planned :)

      Melissa x


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