Brain Tumour Research Campaign

You know every once in a while you read something that just really moves you and makes you appreciate life that bit more? Well a few days ago, I stumbled across that thing.

It was a blog called Inside My Head by a lady called Anna Swabey who unfortunately was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer back in early 2015. Rather than feeling sorry for herself, Anna was a warrior and decided to raise as much awareness about brain cancer by sharing her ups and downs through her blog. Along the way, she also wanted to raise lots of money for the Brain Tumour Research Campaign by organising various charity events.

Sadly, Anna recently lost her cancer battle but her fundraising page is still going strong. If you can spare some money for a brilliant cause, please visit her Just Giving page here which is currently at an amazing total of over £100K!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you too found Anna’s blog insightful and will continue to help raise awareness of this illness.Sig 3

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