13 Things All Diabetics Can Relate To

Being diabetic can, at times, be a right pain in the derriere, but it’s important to know that you’re not alone…

Here’s my list of things that all diabetics can relate to:

1) Your finger tips will resemble a pin cushion from constant testing. But unfortunately not a cool pin cushion like the one pictured below. Sad face.

Image courtesy of craftsy.com

2) You wish for one day, JUST ONE DAY, where you can literally eat or drink whatever you want without having to worry about the consequences.

3) You hate it when people think you’ve got diabetes because “you ate too many sweets”…

4) Finding stray test strips in random places. Like, errr, how on earth did you get there?!

5) Waiting for someone to say something like “I didn’t think you were allowed to eat that” or “Ooh, you’re being naughty having that!” when eating something sweet. Yes I can. Now just let me inject my insulin and stuff my face in peace, please.


6) Attending your annual foot check-up and worrying that your feet might be smelly even though you’ve just washed them for like the 18th time today and bathed them in bleach.

7) Being scared to sit down when having a hypo in case you never get the energy to stand back up again.

8) Having to force yourself to eat when you really don’t want to.

9) Wanting to throw your blood glucose meter outta the window when it comes up with an error message. Bloody thing.

10) Have hypo > Go to kitchen > Eat everything in sight > Feel sick from eating too much > Sugars go high > Inject insulin to correct sugars > Feel pissed off and ask yourself why you’re such a god damn pig.


11) Not knowing whether your mood is down to high/low sugars or whether you’re just basically being a cow….again…

12) Getting annoyed at unexplained high sugars. Ffs.

13) Meeting other diabetics either in person or online and feeling thankful that you’re not in this alone :)Sig 3


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