My Netflix Faves

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past gazillion years, then you’ll know that Netflix is the hot spot for watching tv shows and movies. And boy do they have some gooood shows.

As I’m a nice person (sometimes), I’d thought I’d share my top super-amazeballs shows available on Netflix…

(Umm why did I just use the word amazeballs? Kill me now.)

1 – O R P H A N   B L A C K

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This science fiction show stars Tatiana Maslany and is seriously gripping straight from the start. Now you may be a bit like me and think “Science fiction? Nah I’ll pass thanks” BUT it is so bloody darn good. The show focuses on Sarah Manning who assumes the identity of one of her fellow clones, Elizabeth Childs, after witnessing Elizabeth’s suicide. Yes, you heard me right. Clones. Now that is deffo worth a watch, right?

How many series are available to binge? 5 

2 – i Z O M B I E

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The intro music ‘Stop, I’m Already Dead’ by Deadboy & The Elephantmen is one of my fave things about this show and always gets me singing which is an utter delight for those around me, as you can imagine. And when I say ‘those around me’ I mean Aaron and the cats.

Moving on…

After being turned into a zombie after attending a boat party, Liv Moore’s world is turned completely upside down. To satisfy her cravings for brains, she decides to take a job at the city morgue with Dr Ravi. He somehow manages to guess her ‘condition’ (if that’s what you could call it!) and helps keep her secret under wraps whilst trying to work on a cure. Whenever Liv eats a brain she inherits some of the personality traits of that, now dead, person whilst experiencing flashbacks. This leads to her helping to solve some murder cases by passing off clues about the killer as psychic hunches.

iZombie is a mixture of comedy, drama and a little bit of gore so if that sounds like your thing – I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Side note: Blaine = heart eyes emoji (Most people probably wouldn’t think the same, but I know the lovely Abbi agrees with me. Hi if you’re reading!!)

How many series are available to binge? 3

3 – O R A N G E   I S   T H E   N E W   B L A C K

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Now I get that probably every man and his dog has watched OITNB but it’d be rude not to include it, ‘kay?

Again the intro music is bloody top notch and gets my vocal chords working so big soz but how can a gal resist? Set in a female minimum-security prison, OITNB follows Piper Chapman and her fellow inmates as they deal with prison life. The show highlights common prison issues such as overcrowding, racism, funding difficulties, drugs and guard misconduct. And fun fact – it’s become Netflix’s most-watched original series.

How many series are available to binge? 5

4 – J A N E   T H E   V I R G I N

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Jane The Virgin is something that I’d somehow stumbled across whilst browsing Netflix and I’m so glad I did.

The basics – Jane Villanueva has vowed to save her virginity until marriage but is accidentally artificially inseminated leaving her as a pregnant virgin. Oh. Shit. It’s one of those cheesy yet cute ‘n’ funny shows that is so easy to watch and v. addictive and I just loveee it! Plus it made me literally cry in one episode as it was so emotional and it usually takes a lot for a film/programme to make me shed tears!

Oh and fyi Jane wears the best outfits. She makes me want to go and throw out all my frumpy old clothes and buy new pretty dresses. Sorry bank balance.

How many series are available to binge? 3

5 – P R I S O N   B R E A K

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Wentworth Miller stars as Michael Schofield, a man desperately trying to break his brother, Lincoln Burrows, out of prison before he is killed for a crime he didn’t commit. Packed full of action and crime, this is definitely one to watch.

In my eyes, the first series can’t be beaten. The following series are a bit marmite in areas however definitely still watchable.

Oh and if you like hot men with lots of tattoos, as do I, you’ll like Mr Schofield.

How many series are available to binge? 4 (however there are actually 5 series in total)

6 – S T R A N G E R   T H I N G S

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After a young boy called Will goes missing, his mother, brother and friends set out to find him. Will’s friends meet a strange girl who they name ‘Eleven’ and eventually discover that she has supernatural powers…

Set in the 1980s, this sci-fi is gripping and will leave your mind wandering. Thankfully series 2 is scheduled for release in October so big yay for that!

How many series are available to binge? 1

7 – F R E S H   M E A T

Fresh Meat Series 4 Shot 1 134.jpg
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Okay so this show has been around for a while now (first aired on Channel 4 in 2011) but I frickin’ love it. Love it in the sense that I’ve watched every single episode about 5 times… No joke. And I find it just as funny each time around.

Fresh Meat follows the lives of 6 students who house share whilst studying at the fictional Manchester Medlock University. The basic plot follows the highs and lows of education, parties, relationships, money and student life.

Vod, JP and Howard are my favourite out of the bunch by far just for their general quirkiness. In the opening of series one, Vod meets Howard and all I’ll say is it involves peking ducks, a hairdryer and one naked butt…

How many series are available to binge? 4

Well I hope you’ve managed to find something new to watch from this list! What are your favourite shows? Let me know!



5 thoughts on “My Netflix Faves

  1. I’ve just rewatched all of Orphan Black, I adore it – I can never get over how amazing it is that Tatiana Maslany plays all of those parts and they are so different! Amazing! I’ve just finished Stranger Things 2. You should check out The Good Place – it has Kristen Bell in it and it really good! I watched Mindhunters which I found really interesting, it’s based on how forensic psychology was born – so instead of people just being born bad and becoming serial killers they actually looked at why they do it – really good stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree with you. She is a brilliant actress for being able to portray all of those different characters!

      We have only just watching season 2 of Stranger Things, loving it so far. Dustin is such a cutie!

      Oooh thank you for the recommendations, I’ll check those out! :) x


    1. I’m always on the hunt for new shows haha! Aw that’s a shame, it is a bit of a strange programme but I just loved the intrigue of the clones. Any shows you can recommend?

      Melissa x


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