20 Annoying Things

Okay so I’ll start off by saying by no means am I trying to be a negative Nancy, but I thought it’d be interesting to share with you guys what really grinds my gears! Here goes…

1) LOUD EATERS!!! OMG I absolutely HATE it with a passion when people chew really loudly or take big slurps of their drink! I literally want to slap these people!

2) When people don’t say thank you or even pass a quick smile when you open a door for them.

3) Cashiers who can’t even seem to mumble a simple ‘hello’ when you approach the till. Look love, I’ve worked in retail (RIP Woolworths) and it ain’t difficult to say hello, please and thank you. Miserable bastards.

4) The classic – dickheads who don’t use their indicators. Yeah it’s fine, I didn’t wanna know which direction you were heading anyway…

5) When people try and board a train before everyone’s actually got off. JUST WAIT!!!

6) People who don’t park properly and therefore take up two spaces…grrr!

7) People who purposely park in two spaces because they have an expensive car…

8) YouTube ads. Just let me watch this video, please!

9) When someone doesn’t replace the loo roll after finishing it.

10) People who ask really personal questions and don’t see the problem with asking.

11) When you’ve washed the dishes then realise you’ve missed a pan/plate. (Luckily we have a dishwasher now but it’s still equally annoying when a rogue spoon is missed.)

12) Deleting a message by accident which you’ve just spent aaages typing.

13) People who bump into you and don’t apologise. It’s so rude!

14) Those certain people who have done everything, seen everything, read everything – you get the point. They’ll always try and outdo you.

15) When your computer decides to have a meltdown and loses your work thus resulting in you also having a meltdown.

16) Overly giggly girls/women. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a laugh and being happy BUT some ladies go a little OTT which just comes across as slightly attention seeking…

17) When you’ve just cleaned up and then someone makes a mess again straight after. ARGHHHH!!!

18) Those ‘BOGOF’ adverts. BOGOF stands for buy-one-get-one-free, yet people pronounce it ‘bogoff’ (with an extra f) which is wroooong and it reeeally bugs me!

19) Queue jumpers. GET TO THE BACK, BITCH!

20) People who stand in the way whilst you’re walking along a pavement or through a supermarket aisle and don’t move even after you’ve said “excuse me” five times in a row…

Well I think that’s about it! What annoying things would you add?



15 thoughts on “20 Annoying Things

  1. I can relate to so many of these! My husband is a culprit for a few of these, he also leaves dirty dishes on top of the dishwasher because opening it would just be so much effort!

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    1. Omg I can’t believe he leaves dishes on top of the dishwasher haha. My husband is pretty good with the dishwasher, but he does tend to leave his clothes in a pile on the floor by our bed – and it really irritates me! x


  2. Posts like this one make me happy since at least I know I’m not the only one getting angry at really random things. Number 20 in particular irritates me. I’ve lost count of how many dirty looks I’ve had thrown my way for politely saying “excuse me” to 2 people standing right in front of something I need having a conversation about absolutely nothing. Manners don’t cost a penny but you’d think they were the most expensive thing going with how many ignorant and selfish people there are in the world.

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  3. I literally get annoyed with everything you have listed here! And for number 12, if you have an iphone you should be able to shake the phone and it will come with with a message to bring it back! It used to.

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  4. I can’t stand people who bully those who are not dominant characters like them. They irritate me. I also can’t stand bad customer service!

    I like this post its a great vent. You have a lovely blog x

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  5. Lol, This made me giggle. I think as a family of 4, I am the only person who ever seems to change the toilet roll… seriously, it’s on the back of the loo, the bath, or literally propped on top of the other empty cardboard tube! How hard is it to take of that darn empty tube and replace it! #annoying!!

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