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5 Blogs I Couldn’t Live Without

Okay so I probably COULD live without them, but for the purpose of a half-decent sounding title we’ll roll with it, yeah?

I absolutely love discovering new blogs. There are so many around these days (which is great as people are doing what they love!) that it’s sometimes difficult to find new ones that I actually ‘click’ with. But I think that’s fair – after all, everyone likes different things don’t they and it’d be boring if we were all the same.

Sharing is caring, as they say, so read on below to discover my favourite blogs…

Hannah Gale

I’m sure a lot of you guys already follow this blog, but if you don’t then I’d highly recommend you do as it is just brilliant. My favourite thing about Hannah’s blog is her honesty, plus her lists (such as ‘23 Things We All Had In Our Childhood Bedrooms‘) which have you nodding and chuckling along to every honest word written.

Hannah’s also recently given birth to a beautiful little boy, so if you’re broody (like me) go check her out.

Nourish Me

What I love about Steph’s blog is how honest and open she is about mental health. Having suffered myself, I find Nourish Me a great little spot to head to for tips and advice such as this one on things to do when you’re feeling down. Oh and Steph has the most perfect winged eyeliner – totally jealous.

Within These Walls

Cara has the most gorgeous Pinterest-worthy home, she’s fashionable and her Insta stories crack me up daily (seriously go follow her on there – @carasuthers). Her blog is a reflection of these things and I just adore her style in general. Her blogging tips are helpful too, such as blogging mistakes she’s made. I know I am guilty of some of these on the list.


Dorkface is a lifestyle and creative blog by Jemma, a lovely gal in Plymouth (not too far from me down in Cornwall!). I feel this is a happy yet honest blog and posts such as ‘Listening To Your Heart and Taking Risks’ resonates this.

I am always in awe of the amazing and colourful art Jemma creates. I wish I could be even just half as creative as her! You can check out her awesome shop over on Etsy by clicking here.

Feathering The Empty Nest

Elle shares the story of the heartbreaking loss of her son Teddy who sadly died at just three days old. Her blog follows the journey she has made and how she has used the renovation of her beautiful Victorian home as a way of recovery.  So far, Elle has raised over £50,000 for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where Teddy was looked after and I’m sure you will agree when I say that is simply amazing! If you wish to donate, you can do so here.

Oh and if you love pugs, then you will adore Boris who you can often spot (or hear!) in Elle’s Instagram stories. I think he may even be my spirit animal…

I hope you all enjoying reading these blogs as much as I do. What blogs do you guys read? Please let me know in the comments as I LOVE reading new ones.untitled


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