13 Things All Diabetics Can Relate To

Being diabetic can, at times, be a right pain in the derriere, but it’s important to know that you’re not alone… Here’s my list of things that all diabetics can relate to: 1) Your finger tips will resemble a pin cushion from constant testing. But unfortunately not a cool pin cushion like the one pictured below. Sad… Continue reading 13 Things All Diabetics Can Relate To


Brain Tumour Research Campaign

You know every once in a while you read something that just really moves you and makes you appreciate life that bit more? Well a few days ago, I stumbled across that thing. It was a blog called Inside My Head by a lady called Anna Swabey who unfortunately was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer back in early 2015. Rather… Continue reading Brain Tumour Research Campaign

Money Saving Tips

How To Enjoy Autumn On A Budget

Ahh, autumn. The time of year when the leaves start to fall and turn into various shades of gorgeous reds, browns, oranges and yellows. It’s a time of year where we feel more cosy and start to get excited for the festivities lined up over the next couple of months. It’s also a time where you may be on… Continue reading How To Enjoy Autumn On A Budget

Imperial Candles · Product Reviews

Imperial Candles

In one of my last blog posts, I mentioned that I’ve recently become a brand rep for Imperial Candles….yay! If you love candles, bath bombs and jewellery then you will love this company. Imperial Candles is a unique company from England which hand makes luxury candles, bath bombs, wax melts and bath salts. The candles and… Continue reading Imperial Candles